'Sensory' USP test strip meets important trend

Sensory marketing is the new development that involves reaching consumers using all five senses, and can intensify the perceptions of a brand greatly.

Why Invest in Sensory Marketing

Using multi-sensory mixes, integrating, touch, feel and smell into brand activation campaigns help consumers to better remember a brand's message.

 The science behind sensory marketing is stepping to the fore, according to the Harvard Business Review. "Aradhna Krishna directs the Sensory Marketing Laboratory at the University of Michigan and is considered the foremost expert in the field. She says that many companies are just starting to recognize how strongly the senses affect the deepest parts of our brains....Consumers don’t perceive them as marketing messages and therefore don’t react with the usual resistance to ads and other promotions." To gain that emotional investment, testers have become a sensory marketing tool of choice. Being able to perform individual tests allows consumers to fully sense and experience the advertised beauty product.

 USP Solutions, a leader with years of experience in this field, understands the need for sensory marketing in the cosmetics industry. A visit to their website turns up the following results:

Including a „sensory“ USP Test Strip in brand activation campaigns has proven results:*

·         70.6% of consumers feel inclined to buy from the brand

·         80.1% gain increased confidence in the brand

·         30.8% of consumers convert to brand advocates and would recommend it

By widening the sensory perception and the impact the product can have on them at a deeply personal level, beauty industry executives can seize an opportunity to make each engaged consumer a lifetime buyer.


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